Hello beautiful people. My name is Consuela Rivera. (I was told to introduce myself property, but everyone calls me Chelo.) (you’ll find I also like bracket things–parentsies or something.) I grew up in Mexico in a lovely hacienda on a hill, (but I’ve spoken English for years). In Mexico, I had servants and a bodyguard and tons of nice things. Then my mom and I decided to go all mystifying and we changed our name and came to America. (It was adventurous but scary too.)

Now my mom works in Jackson Hole and I’m a student and I work part-time. I’ve learned so much this last year (besides how many ways a rose can get sick or how to make a toasted pastrami sandwich in my dorm). I’m talking basic survival on mini wage.

Thank goodness I have an uncle who pays for the big stuff, like school, my dorm, and books. But he doesn’t know much about keeping a woman glamorous and intriguing. I’ve had to learn to do that on a budget. From mascara to shoes, I’m now a frugal, but fabulous, female.

I’m also generous, so every Tuesday I’ll give you a new tip from what I’ve learned. Like putting on smudge-free eye-liner or giving yourself a facial. All my posts can be found under Chelo’s Chatter.

Now because I am totally exited about these posts, let’s get started. Today I’m going to remind you of the most important thing for making a woman attractive.


Think about it–there’s a beauteous actress, but my goodness! She’s got a chin! But, she’s also represented a line of make-up. The most wonderful thing about her is her smile. It seems to say, “I’m fabulous.” Nobody talks about her chin, but everyone knows she’s attractive.

Believe in yourself and that you are a fascinating, beautiful woman. Walk like you are going someplace wonderful. Sit tall. Never slouch or look at the ground (unless you’re walking in high boots on ice). But mostly, smile big! (Don’t smile like its something your mom made you do.) Smile like this is your best day ever (even if you chipped a nail or bombed the quiz in botany).

When you look like a happy, fabulous woman, people will want to know you. They will be attracted by your confidence. Believe you are fascinating and you will be.