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ColdPursuitCoverCold Pursuit is the story of two young people caught up in the drama that incurs when Cold Fusion becomes a reality, and sinister forces try to sabotage the efforts of a trusting professor. It is mystery, romance, and a step into the future with its technology-based features.

We have entered an era of communication technology that gets more exciting with each step forward. In the eBook industry, that means an interactive eBook. On Monday I mentioned that Cold Pursuit is the result of taking a book to the next level. Within the story, the reader has the option of connecting to links: links to on-line sources such as music videos, clues to the mystery, information about cold fusion, and others.

Then, beyond that, there are links within the story, because Cold Pursuit offers multiple endings. That’s right, you may choose which way you want the story to go. It starts out with Kennady and her new friends, then divides when they encounter the mystery, leaving you the option to choose what the mystery is. Then each of those two story lines divide later, giving a total of four optional endings for you to enjoy.

Here is a story map:

Cold Pursuit

CP 1       CP 2

CP 1.1     CP 1.2      CP 2.1       CP 2.2

This design offers options you haven’t had before. You may read one ending, or all four, or one now, and another story line at another time. You and three friends may each choose to read a different ending, then meet over lunch and discuss them. You and your best friend may each read a story line from CP 1 (CP 1.1 or CP 1.2), then each read one from CP 2 and then compare.

The mystery, the danger, and the romance, each take alternative paths through each story line. Then, the sequel takes off from one of the endings with a whole new set of dangers, new locations, and romantic tensions.

I hope you’re getting intrigued, because the launch is coming and we’re blowing the lid off the way you might have thought about books in the past.

*With the eBook, there will be links at each choice to take the reader directly to the next step. Within the physical book (paper and binding), there will be directions to page numbers.