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OOOh! I just love this time of year! Well… I mostly love it. It’s the time when all the pretty summer colors and fashions hit the malls. But the best part… 50% OFF! Every time I turns around its 50% off this and 50% off that. This and that being the end of the season winter clothes, shoes, hats and, (my personal favorite) boots. Everything a girl needs to survive in this wretched cold state! Who in their right mind thinks the end of the season is January! Talk to me in May.

shoesTaunting me with the spring fashion is just pure evil. However you are quickly forgiven when I see 50% off the Jeffery Campbell flats I have been eyeing for what seems like years! The only problem with buying clothes at this time of year is that I am never the beauty I can be. You know, after all the holiday parties and afternoon napping. Then buying clothes can be quite depressing and futile. Which is why I turn to shoes, oh the beautiful shoes.

skiierSo Suzanna has a ski trip planned in a few weekends to a beautiful cabin in the Rocky mountains. She tells me all the details of the accommodations and activities and all I hear is this, “you are going to freeze, you are going to crash into a tree on skis and then you are going to freeze some more!” Needless to say, I am excited to turn the “slopes” into my own little runway as I don my new snow boots and fabulous new coat. I am also looking forward to some fireside chats with the local trouble makers at the ski resort lodge. OOOOh! Time for me to go try on some outfits with my new shoes! Chelo, out!

BTW, here’s a fabulous article with tips for a Ski-Bunny Beauty!beauty