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This post introduces you to the main protagonist of Cold Pursuit. But first I have to explain where her name comes from.

My Suzanna caught at my desk with my glasses on her nose.

My Suzanna caught at my desk with my glasses on her nose.

A couple of years ago my daughter suggested I put my granddaughter into a book—at least her name. At the time I was writing Bible stories with strong male leads and a secondary character with her middle name seemed like the least I could do. But then I changed genres and I decided to cast her as the lead. Now this is where it gets tricky. See she’s sort of named after me. I’m Susan, her middle name is Suzanna. I’m really not so vain as to name a character after myself—but then I really didn’t choose it—my daughter did. I never think of me when I write about Suzanna. And hopefully you won’t either. Think blue-eyed beauty (like my granddaughter); I have brown eyes and a hunchback. Well I have brown eyes.

So Suzanna is a student at a University in a small city. She has a great family even though her dad is a big Star Wars fan (orginal movies) and they’re all vegans. Suzanna SONY DSCalso has a dog. This is where my other daughter comes in. They don’t have children yet so I asked if she had names picked out for future children—particularly a boy. I was trying to give equal preference. They don’t. However, she had a suggestion. At the time she had one boy (now he has a younger brother). But not the kind grandmothers hope for. He is a beautiful long-haired white America Eskimo named Jake. I like Jake. He’s my buddy. He also has brown eyes. So we put him in the book as Suzanna’s dog.

Let’s see, Suzanna is intelligent, cheerful, can be quick-tempered, and has a big heart. She has long brown hair and loves mornings. But sometimes she rushes into situations without thinking through the consequences. When she first meets Atticus she is not impressed with his manner despite the obvious fact that he’s good-looking. But that’s getting ahead of things. You’ll have to check back in a couple of weeks to read about Atticus.

SONY DSCBTW, don’t forget to watch for Cold Pursuit’s launch in March!