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Chelo’s Chat:

friendsEveryone knows that my best friend in the world is Suzanna. She is not only my best friend, but my favorite person. She is one of a kind. I am so happy that in this crazy world, we met last semester. We just clicked.

So this weekend we both took time from all our busy stuff and went to a nearby resort. We laughed and cried and gossiped about workers and guys and professors. We also shopped, of course–exploring new reaches of the clearance sections at our favorite malls. TripleFishtailThen we visited a local hot spot, hoping to catch a glance of a celebrity or a cute group of guys. We even found time to try out a new way to braid Suzanna’s hair. You gotta check it out here.

The only catch in our trip was when Siri (the lady inside my phone) tried to take us places and we argued about who knew best. Lol. But we always turned the right way or called the correct number. At the end of it all, Suzanna and I will always love and trust each other. Definitely more than we do Siri.

roseSo I was reminded of a quote from my Shakespeare class. It’s from Romeo and Juliet about a rose.  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet?” I think it means that if we smelled something and we found out it wasn’t a rose, would we still think it smelled as good as a rose? The reason this comes to my mind is because I was thinking about the word “friend”. Would we feel the same way about a relationship with someone if they were not a friend? If they were a coworker, a boyfriend’s girlfriend, or the guy at the library that always hits on me–ugh, I know I couldn’t trust them the same way.

I definitely would not be as patient. If one of them had an argument with me about Siri I just might stick my gum in their purse when they weren’t looking. And the guy at the library should seriously transfer to someplace where they still wear acid-washed jeans and spiked hair.

But I so love Suzanna. We care about each other and she is always there for me. She keeps me steady and doesn’t laugh when I say the wrong thing. I won’t let her talk me into tofu yet, but it is fun to braid her hair. We both had to return to our lives after spending our short reality tv-like weekend together.  I am so so so so happy to have had this weekend with her. Chelo out!