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iron pirite“All that glitters is not gold,” as Portia’s suitor learned, and lately, my life has had some moments that were far from gilded. But there have been some really great moments too. That’s how life works, two steps forward, one step back, right?

  • Not so good: while passing through a parking lot last week (before the snow came), a young man backed into the side of our car.
  • Good: After saying something that was unnecessary, but totally relevant, I apologized.
  • Not so good: taking time to go get bids and having to endure appraisers that are over-the-top in their flirting—as if I were gullible enough to believe them.
  • Good: a student I tutor has been regularly doing his homework and has discovered that his grades go up. (Wow, what do you know?)
  • Not so good: after hours and hours of doing my math homework and studying for an exam my DH’s lap-top over-heated and passed out (my browser is so old it’s not compatible with the on-line program).
  • Good: I felt good about the exam—though tonight I’ll find out for sure. ( I admit—there was one problem I hadn’t a clue on—I even wrote on the test: “Are you kidding?” It was one of those dreaded story problems. However, the answers were multiple-choice so I just began plugging them in until one worked. Duh. But don’t tell, ok?)
  • Good: Getting ahead of the schedule in another class.
  • commuteGood: Amazingly beautiful winter storms.
  • Not so Good: They made travel precarious.
  • Not so Good: Challenged to a game of chicken by a pedestrian. (He was walking down the center of my lane on a narrow road. When I went around him, I fish-tailed through the center pleat of snow. I don’t know why he couldn’t step off the road. I bet someone also peels his oranges for him.)
  • Good: Arrived at school and home again safely.
  • Good: Had the energy to shovel my wide driveway and start on the walkways.
  • Great: three boys showed up with shovels to help me. I told them not to worry about the side drive because we don’t have to use it.
  • Not so good: my DH’s carpool guy drove through my side driveway.
  • Good: a warm house, warm meal and people who read my blog. 🙂

There are no guarantees and any week is sure to be a mixed bag of beans. (Have you noticed I’m on a roll with the cliché’s in this post?) An old song said, “You take the good, you take the bad.” Yep. That’s how it is. So we kneel down at night, ask for help with the challenges, and give thanks for the blessings. Then we snuggle into our beds with smiles, knowing that tomorrow is a whole new adventure.