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Chelo’s Chat:

shoes and leggingsIt’s no surprise that I love shopping and I love clothes. But what do you do when you have a reparation or refutation (or whatever it is) to uphold when it comes to amazing outfits, and nothing in the bank account to work with? I have learned a few things here and there from fellow friends on a budget. For instance, when our favorite stores have mark downs, how to shop online, thrift store shop and, last, but not yeast, how to make a new outfit out of (gasp) clothes I already own.

My very favorite thing these days is finding new ways to wear my old clothes. I feel like I get stuck in this “box” with outfits because of how I have worn them before or because I bought them as an outfit and I can’t see those pieces being worn any other way. It’s hard to get perspiration and I do not like dressing like other people.

Cute-Japanese-Girls-Fashion-Trends-2012-2013-8When I was a child I always wished papa would take me to Japan so I could come home with fashion sense. They are always years ahead of us in fashion, and well, let’s be honest, in quite a few things. (Except passion. Then they’re like their tofu. They like soft tofu waay too much. I can’t believe they take a bean and make blah out of it. Where’s the peppers?) Sorry, I digest. Back to the fashion—I just want to be different and not “just fit in.”

So lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest and with the fashion blogs it leads me to. Pinterest is a tricky maze of food, fashion and crafts. I HAVE to skip the food boards, they are full of the Paula Deen and way too much cream cheese. I can’t resist a recipe with butter and cream cheese,  than ten pounds later I REALLY have nothing to wear. The trick is I filter Pinterest down to “Women’s Fashion”.

Pinterest , you had me at hello.

Colorblock_sweater51-365x564This board gives me a ticket to Tokoyo, New York and Paris. My favorite blog so far is called popofstyle.com. The reason I love it so much is because it gives you so many ideas of how to mix colors and textures and shows me how to layer. We all know this Mexican girl is not meant for this weather! I need layers!

Sometimes I set my alarm 20 minutes early so I have time to browse through the women’s fashion board and make sure I have a show stopping ensemble. Nothing is better than when your friends ask you, “Did you go shopping? You have had a cute new outfit everyday this week.”  

I don’t always admit to using Pinterest for my inspiration though (wink) I usually just give them the, “Ah, this old thing!?” But really it is! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Chelo out!