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Atticus opened the door of the BMW and Suzanna gracefully swung two long legs out. He gave her his hand and she stood, her stiletto heels bringing her nearly to his eye level. She was still wrapped tightly in the black coat she had on when he picked her up. Her hair was straight, shiny and sexy. As she passed near him he caught a whiff of a subtle, exotic scent. I’m not going to be able to keep my mind on anything but her tonight.

concert hallThe walk to the performing arts center had been cleared and the soaring windows of the large white building were lit across the front, sending a welcoming yellow glow onto the snow covered lawns and flower beds. Trees glistened white and reflected back tiny white lights that had not been taken down from Christmas yet.

. . . Atticus reached to his pocket and pulled out the tickets to present to the usher in a heavy long coat. They moved into the white, golden space while Suzanna’s eyes glowed. Atticus was vaguely aware of the sweep of ramps, the grand climb of stairs, the layers of architectural molding, the magnificent skylight and the pillars around the rotunda. Suzanna had captured him with her constant turning of her head in awe, and her tiny gasps of joy.

They moved forward as she turned and nudged him to see one wonder after another. She unbuttoned her coat, like an afterthought, and he removed it from her shoulders. Seeing her for the first time in her dark, navy blue sheath stopped him. The dress fit her perfectly. A sparkle of jewels at her ears flashed to the ones on her left wrist. Her eyes, her mouth, her hair, her body, her legs. . .she personified the night with elegance, sophistication, and breath-taking allure. Heads were turning. He gently reached for her hand, claiming her for the night.

romance is in the airWelcome to the Romance is in the Air Blog Hop! In this hop, everything is about romance. The above excerpt is from my book Cold Pursuit, launching next month. After each blog you visit, you can link to the next one in the hop. I’m number #133 and I’m not the last! Plus each blog offers you a chance to win a prize! It’s the best odds anywhere! I am offering a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate—that’s enough to buy my book, Cold Pursuit when it launches next month and another one to read before then. (Cool right?)

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