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This last weekend we had some friends to dinner: the husband had grown up in the same town as my DH and I. This led to some great story telling. My favorite was told by my DH. Warning: though this story has all the flavor of an urban tale, it is true. But don’t tell it to your daughter who may be tempted to attempt something similar. Legal implications today are not pleasant.

Holt arenaFirst some important background: There were two high schools in our city/town. Pocatello High School and Highland High School. The rivalry was fierce. The whole town turned out for the annual football game (the “Black and Blue Bowl”) held in the University’s arena. Highland often painted Poky’s large rock and tried to turn the P on the hill into an H. Poky retaliated in like. If you dated someone from the other school, you were pushing it. Think West Side Story.

pom pomsThen one year just prior to a basket ball game between the two schools, Pocatello’s cheerleaders or drill team called up the mothers of the Highland basket ball team. They pretended to be girls from Highland and said they’d like to take the guys to breakfast, but it was a surprise. The moms suspected nothing; it was something that would happen legitimately.

So it was arranged, including that the mothers would each blindfold her son before the girls showed up. On the morning before the big game, the Poky girls arrived at each player’s house, and took him away. They drove them, not to the anticipated breakfast, but to the church across from the HS. The boys were put into the basement, the lights turned out, and then the girls left, locking the doors behind them.

They had kidnapped the whole team!

SONY DSCWhen the boys removed their blindfolds they had no idea where they were. Then the girls called the rival school’s coach and said something to the effect, “By the way, we have your team.” My DH didn’t know “the rest of the story;”  it happened to his sister’s class. It’s fairly certain the boys made it to the game though. And interestingly, the story made the Paul Harvey news.

Footnote: I’m a proud graduate of PHS where our motto was Poky Pride (we were proud to be poky?) but our fight song is another story all together. “Seniors In!”