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The release of Cold Pursuit is getting much closer and it’s time to introduce the other main protagonist, who is not as prominent as Kennady; nevertheless, plays a key role as nearly half the scenes are from his point of view. Since this is a romantic mystery, the romance heats up with the handsome, proud Atticus Keane.

Okay, so I began outlining the story when To Kill a Mocking Bird was having an anniversary year, Gregory-Peckand though they don’t look that much alike, I have to admit that Gregory Peck influenced this name choice.

Atticus is about six feet tall with sandy brown hair and deep brown eyes. His family just moved into a house a couple away from Kennady, but their first encounter is not promising. He misses California and the cold winter makes him grumpy. His mother is a formidable college professor and his father is a successful architect, so academics and ambition are part of his culture. Atticus is interested in alternative forms of energy and it’s this interest that leads to his involvement in the mystery. In the process, he gets to know Kennady, worries about his sister, and even takes out a few bad guys (various plot options) with his martial arts training.

Speaking of G. Peck, I know he’s from several eras ago, but take a look into those eyes and tell me you don’t wish for time travel. greg 2

Back to Cold Pursuit, here’s the beginning of the scene when he meets Vivien (an assistant in the physics lab) at the university library. It shows Atticus, like most guys, has a weakness for pretty girls.

Atticus saw her red hair first. Vivien sat at a table in the corner by a window. Her long legs were stretched out in the aisle, ending in dark blue pumps with open toes and dark red toenails. He pulled his eyes to her face.  

The launch is getting closer! Keep checking back for the release of the first interactive romantic mystery!

P.S. Did I mention that I chose the name because of Gregory Peck? Gregory_Peck_in_Gentleman's_Agreement_trailer