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Nancy_SilhouetteI wrote a blog for yesterday, and then decided not to post it. It was boring even to me–a good indicator that it was not going to receive high reviews here either. I think most writers have at least twice as much unpublished work as they do published. Even then, we’re our biggest critics, always wishing we could go back and change things here and there.

So the latest with Cold Pursuit is that it is still coming. My editor has had some health challenges, needed to help her boss with another project and do another book that got put ahead of mine because they need it out before a conference. (Jeepers) However, the launch is getting closer–more on that tomorrow.

Since Cold pursuit is a mystery / romance, I’ve decided to host a mystery that all of you can solve. Okay, it’s part mystery, part treasure hunt (I have to work within the venues: my blog posts and at the party). Confused? Here’s how it works:

Something is missing (which is also how Cold Pursuit’s mystery starts–but that one is much more complicated). Starting next week, and each week until the launch, I’ll post clues about what is missing. When you come to the party, hand me a slip of paper that says what is missing and I’ll give you the first clue to its location. At that point, you follow the 4-5 clues, that lead to a final qualifying answer. Give that information and your name will go into a drawing for the prize, which will include an autographed copy of Cold Pursuit.

How fun is that? A mystery at the launch of a mystery / romance.

Now, how obscure can I make this? (Rubbing hands together.)

PS–remember tomorrow I will announce the date and location!