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Busy days—my editor and I are in the middle of edits on Cold Pursuit. Okay, so she’s doing the edits and I’m responding basically with, “I’m so thankful for editors.” There have been a few obvious changes; one I’m a bit relieved for—namely that my protagonist is no longer named Suzanna. My editor (after consulting others), said that it’s an old-fashioned name (which it is), and that the readers may be confused since my name is Susan and think that I’m writing about myself. So I called my daughter and received the go-ahead to change the name to my granddaughter’s first name (instead of her middle one) and now the book is about Kennady. Just glad I don’t have to change Jake—the dog—because he only has one name.

An interview was posted today that I did earlier this month. You can find it at Walnut Springs’ blog.

One other minor thing to note: in my math class, we’ve entered the realm of imaginary numbers. Seems fitting since I write fiction.