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Less than a month ago, if my DH were to make a comment or ask a question, I most likely would have replied, “Negative B, plus or minus the square root of B, minus four A, C, all over two.” (Flashbacks anyone?)

Handling stress is always easier said than done. Exercise is helpful if you can fit it in. Getting seven hours of sleep each night is also good if your body will relax enough or if the demands upon you don’t eat away at that. Then there is Yoga, Tai Kwan Do or acupuncture. Actually I’m not sure if acupuncture qualifies as a stress reliever, but in one of my class textbooks last semester, it was suggested for about everything else. For me there is just something Borg looking about a person with needles sticking out of their head. ?????????????????????But whichever remedy, it requires time that everything else is trying to grab a piece of.

Monday I took my math final. I went through it twice. On the second pass I caught a problem that I changed—this time using the quadratic formula to solve it—or so I thought. Until the middle of the night when I woke up and was sure I’d made a critical error. I’d doubled an 8 (16) instead of squaring it (64). At the time I had felt good about it. But in the middle of the night I knew I’d made a mistake. I reworked the problem for over an hour from enough memory to convince me. Finally I moved into fitful nightmares about a school with endless halls and stairs and classrooms of students taking finals.

It wasn’t until the light of a morning commute that I remembered it couldn’t be an 8, but was a 4. The sad thing is, I was still fretting. And it was finished. There was no way to amend what I’d done. The class was ended. I should have been sleeping like a log. I realized stress cannot turn off like a faucet.

This week, with a break before my lone summer class starts next week, I’m proofing the pages my editor sends back to me in batches of 90 pages. We’re on the final set, but it takes several hours. Also with the warm weather (finally) my yard needs attention: weeding, laying a dripper system in my garden boxes, planting! my garden, planting a few (about 6-7) bushes to replace ones that a dry winter and then a frigid winter have killed (but this means transplanting others so that the large ones are together and the new ones together). And then there is the eminent approach of my book launch. . . .

My friend is helping me plan it and she gave me a long list of projects that I haven’t even approached: making “balls” to hang, painting branches from my “nullified” pussy willow, making pillow covers, and mittens. Except, with my DH’s help we got 19 books covered for risers on the food table.photo (2) Also my mom helped me with the mittens after my first three attempts resembled something the cat played with. In fact today when I picked up the ones she made from the mailbox, I laughed for several minutes at the ones I had produced.

I was going to say who knitted which pair, but I think it's evident.

I was going to say who knitted which pair, but I think it’s evident.

I do worry that half the plans will not happen and I may resort to balloons like I initially imagined until my more designer friend envisioned something better. Ha ha ha.

Well, off to work, and hopefully today I’ll get a bathroom cleaned and some laundry done. I’ve tried to keep stress at bay—relaxation herbs and deep breathing, but I’ve come to realize that resistance is futile. Maybe I should check out acupuncture?