This morning I sat down and began reworking Hot Pursuit. I only got through page 20, but I cut a couple of scenes and rewrote one, plus inserted about 8 links. It feels good to be working on it.

At page 20, I came to a scene that calls for a recipe for Spudnuts. So below I’m giving the recipe I got from a wise lady about 25 years ago. It’s terrific, if big enough to feed a troop of scouts. As a bonus, here’s a link to another one.

spudnutsSpudnuts (huge batch)

4 eggs                 8 T. margarine
1¼ C. sugar         1 qt. milk
2 T. salt               7 yeast cakes (about 5 T.)
1 pt. mashed potatoes (from scratch is best)
12 C. flour oil for frying
sugar and cinnamon mixture or glaze

Cream potatoes, shortening, salt, and sugar Add eggs, mmilk, flour. Let rise. Roll and cut and let rise again.

Deep fry 365º. Glaze, frost, or dip in sugar / cinnamon mixture.

Speaking of Recipes, I was asked for the recipe to my Grandma’s Hot Water Sponge Cake that my mom loves. We used to celebrate July Birthdays at my Granddad’s because so many had one around then. I loved those get-togethers. I still remember the time we tried to jump over a large bush, which most couldn’t do. And though I succeeded, I spranged (or is it sprung?) my ankle. It was par for the coarse for me. Anyway, this was the go-to cake for those parties. My aunt would never make it for herself, but she loved it. It was always topped with cream candy icing and pecans. Here’s that recipe.

Hot Water Sponge Cake My Grandma Miller’s recipe  (This is a heavy, but heavenly cake.)

Sift together:Sponge-Cake-7

2 C. sugar
2½ C. flour
2 tsp. baking powder.

Add : 1 C. boiling water and stir well

Beat until stiff:
7 egg whites
Stir in:
1 tsp. vanilla

Fold together. Bake in layers 375° for 35 minutes.

Cream Candy Icing

1½ C. sugar
½ C. brown sugar
1 T. corn syrup
1 C. whipping cream (pint—use to thin if necessary)

Boil until firm / soft ball stage. Mix with beaters immediately. Pour on cake. Decorate with pecan halves or chop them and sprinkle. Some people (not me) like to add maraschino cherries on top. Actually, like my aunt, l don’t make this cake. I just enjoy it when it’s available. Yum!

I also looked online for a Hot Water Sponge cake recipe, and found this one, but it’s very different.