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photoI keep Cheerios in a corner cabinet—you know the kind of cupboard that spins around and some people have a less-than-flattering name for that begins with “Lazy”—but not in my house! We keep the cereal on hand for when my granddaughter comes to stay. I always took its name for granted and didn’t think much about the “Cheer” part. Yesterday, “grangrad” pulled out the bright yellow box because we have a visitor this week, and he noticed that the back was dominated by one word: SMILE.

You’d have to be rather ornery to resist. 🙂

Did you know it’s practically impossible to smile and think bad thoughts? But it has to be a genuine smile, not a sarcastic or vengeful one.th

Try it. Smile. A bubbly one that starts from your toes and surges upward to crinkle your eyes. Now, isn’t life good?

I KNOW there are tough times—some you think will never end—tearful times, heart-wrenching, soul-clenching times, and times that tear you to bits. There are times that disappoint, frustrate, overwhelm, or just make you want to kick something—like somebody’s teeth—but you settle for the sofa. Still, all in all, I believe there is more good in life than bad.

Any situation can be broken down. For example, yesterday I went to a class that dismissed my most basic beliefs in God and a cherished document: the American Constitution. They ridiculed “absolutes” and endorsed situation ethics. I sat in the back feeling a deep sadness and darkness, unwilling to have my principles debated by cunning sophists. But the good is: I can discern truth from error. I am able to sift and file—this to know for class, then discard—that to keep as an addition to my life. And if I keep less than I forget, then I learn what type of situation to avoid in the future.

In the meantime, I try to tip the balance toward good things, working to make life better for someone else.

photo (5)This morning my granddaughter and I cuddled on the couch. It was early—she was still in her jamas and the sun was just emerging from behind the mountain. I held her and sang, “In the leafy treetops, the birds sing good-morning.” Then we opened the blinds and looked outside and I sang, “In my pretty garden, the flowers are nodding.”photo (2)

Cheerio everyone!