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ColdPursuitCoverThis week I received the cover for my book! It’s past exciting–we’re on the final steps. My publicist was even able to color the mittens orange! Now that’s attention to detail–or at least an attempt to humor the author (lol). This book is going to break new ground! Tell your friends because it’s coming real soon now and it’s a totally cool concept! (I may be a bit prejudice.)

Also, I have been featured in an interview with the wonderful Tanya Parker Mills as this week’s Wednesday Writer. Check it out here!

One last note–I know I’ve been erratic at blogging lately. I have not forgotten you, and hope you do not forget me. With my tutoring, summer training for school (long hours every day this week), classes at the university (two books to read by Monday–a Midterm paper handed in today and a class presentation with my partner), reading through the final proofs of my book, and all the other parts of life, my blog has been sorely neglected. Be kind and check back. At the worse, I’ll try to post something each week. Love you all!

Now tell someone about my cover. 🙂