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photo (4)My maple trees have their redwings. When the landscape designer offered a choice of trees for our yard, we chose the Tatarican Maples because we pictured the beautiful maple leaf that brings gorgeous fall color. That is not what Tatarican Maples are like. In fact, for a couple of years I was very disappointed—we have 19 of them. But I have come to appreciate the beauty they offer. They begin the spring with pale yellow flowers (that almost glow) clustered among the light-green spring leaves. After the flowers drop, and the leaves darken, the hot-pink wings come out. We now have glorious color in each of the trees.

Sometimes making friends is like that. A person turns out to be nothing like we first judged them, yet so worth knowing anyway. And some people grow on us. When I first had papaya, I was not a fan. Now papaya / apricot juice is one of my favorite drinks. Or lemon freezes. Now see, there’s another one—who’d ever purposely order a lemonade milkshake? But Yum!

Long ago, my DH had a best friend that was totally different than he was. While they were young, my DH was an athlete whereas his friend was more interested in motorcycles. Their friendship was a true odd mix. They found common ground in that they each drove a yellow Firebird. And they both liked to date. They were best friends through the later years of HS, they double dated, peeled out their cars in tandem, and he was best man at our wedding. But when they grew up, the friend became a labor union boss, whereas my DH is a capitalist. As different as almonds and chocolate. But they were great together.

Now I like to get to know new people. I never know but that they may have bright wings hidden away that I don’t at first see.photo