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1beonthefinalCOLCPAnother class at the university is well underway and this one also leaves me each day feeling dispirited. It has led me to ask, where do we draw the line between seeing the good in life while staying informed sufficiently to combat the bad?

I’m tired of the attitude that we need to apologize for the sins of the past generations.Why do we need to study history (in any form–including art, literature, and philosophy) from one side only–that of the oppressed. I am completely opposed to slavery in any form–whether the oppression of women, children, ethnicities, in the name of religion etc.–but there is also much good in any generation. And yes, there are excellent examples of European, Christian men. Why not give a complete picture?

I believe we become better people not just from being made aware of evil, but more importantly by being inspired by the good. A child needs to have boundaries and learn what is unacceptable (all the no’s), but they will feel confined if they are not offered in greater abundance the ways they can learn, create, and do good. When too much negative builds around teens and young adults, they strike out in anger at authority rather than work to effect positive changes in themselves and the community.

I believe in inspiring hearts, which is vastly different from motivating action with immediate rewards—but that’s a different post. A child who is inspired to bring good to the world becomes a teacher of wholesome, uplifting values, an engineer of clean energy solutions, an architect of lasting, beautiful structures, an artist of awe-inspiring settings and deeds, a mathematician who finds wonder and patterns in creation, and so forth.

So why is there such an imbalance with examples of oppression weighing much stronger (sometimes exclusively) than examples of heroes (women and men)?

I’m so tired of being depressed by college classes. I’m tired of the polemic lectures aimed at my beliefs. As much as I LIKE to LEARN, I’m beginning to lose interest to the point that I only study what I have to learn to get through the class. This is not education.