Deseret-news-salt-lake-cityAnd a thrill. First of all, to have something I’ve done reviewed in the Deseret News is just cool! Good or bad, to have their attention is enough to brag about, right? It was reviewed by Cecily Markland, and begins with a brief about the story and how the multiple endings work. She called it “a mystery within a mystery as, at several junctures, readers decide for themselves which direction they would like the story to go.”

So the part that made me laugh? I presume that to be reviewed in a newspaper, there has to be some criticism. I’ll just say that my laugh was one of delight, because the criticism was not terrible and it was just half of a sentence that ended: “interesting characters, elements of surprise and the ways in which the reader becomes part of the adventure combine to make Cold Pursuit a book readers will enjoy and will likely decide to read more than once, if only to choose different endings.”

There was a paragraph, and ending statement, that in case some of my readers didn’t know, removes any doubt regarding my religious beliefs, but that also means the story is clean. Markland wrote that “the story [is] appropriate even for teens, and its interactive style will appeal to these younger readers as well.”

Markland finished with a nice plug for what’s to come. Which is also my cue to get back to writing.

Be sure to tell your friends it’s still available at a fantastic price for the eBook! Or ask for the paperback at your bookstore.

Have a great day y’all!