A beagle or Alaskan malamute? (Now that’s a choice I’d like to have.)

To write or to do some ironing? (duh!)

To accelerate when the light turns green and smoke the sporty car to my right, or drive as if my DH were in the car and I don’t have a hemi?

Every day we are offered zillions of choices: some non-essential, some life changing.

I value being able to make choices. It is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. And despite the bad choices that will inevitably happen (I don’t mean to trivialize the results of bad choices–we all have felt the pain from such decisions), in the end, having the power to choose is a wonderful thing! (Almost as fun as putting the pedal to the metal–not that I ever do.)

“For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves. . .”

Today, I am celebrating choices!

Okay, I did a bit more than that. Last year I wrote a book that celebrates choices—Cold Pursuit. (Sorry, I know that was heavy on the corny side–the lead-in, not the book.)

Today I also I heard from my editor. She said she’s about ready for the sequel, Hot Pursuit. She’d like to plan on a spring launch.  I think that’s a good choice. (Sure next month would be better, but they’re busy.)