In Cold Pursuit, Atticus and Kennady visit Senator Hawkins in his home. The scene is this:
Kennady stopped in the doorway. The room was not the cozy, book-lined, heavily draped room she would have imagined. The modern lines of the cherry-wood desk included straight legs and a monitor built into the surface, the screen just going dark. Soft gray leather chairs faced the desk, and the large window to the left faded from dark gray to the view of the city below. Above a credenza behind the desk was a black-and-white print of bare trees, crisscrossed with paths. Old, noble buildings stood in the background. The plaque underneath said, “Harvard Yard, 1905.”massachusetts-yd-harvard-university-showing-gray-s-matthew-s-halls-1907-79575-p

I liked the juxtaposition of a modern office with a very traditional, old print. It represented the senator (he was educated at Harvard Law), who is caught between the dated energy source and a cutting edge one.

Anyways, I had lost the picture of the print, but found it this weekend.