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Salario-minimo-vital-y-movil-2013-2014Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a bit relieved to have the 13th year of this century behind us?

Mine ended fairly “unlucky” when I got a flat tire on a run to the store on New Year’s Eve. My DH was at work, so I called the few numbers in my phone. My first two tries—nobody was available to come to my rescue. My third try, my neighbor sent her husband down to help me change my tire. flat-tire-overly-manly-3-year-old_c_1734387

While I waited, I briefly considered giving it a try myself. But, well, I’ll just say, I know my limitations.

However, my neighbor is a big guy—6’5” or so, an airline pilot, and drives a large pick-up. I felt it was a great choice. He could probably change it with one hand. Only problem, neither of us could find the spare tire. We even looked under my car to see if it was attached there.

It’s a fairly new car, and I took it for granted it had a spare. We went across the street to Costco to see about buying a tire and the mechanic explained that hybrids (my car is a plug-in hybrid) do not have spare tires.

I was learning. Anyway my neighbor gave me a ride home where I could look up phone numbers and make some calls. My first call to the dealer, explained that I should call road-side assistance (My DH later explained that hybrids don’t have spare tires–they have road-side assistance. I also learned that it is useful if you lock yourself out, run out of gas or worse. I have no intention of finding out for sure.) Anyway the number I needed was in the glove box all along. But the lady at the dealer had it, and she was very helpful. Still, I should have stayed with the car because the tow service needed the key.

My neighbor had gone back to town to meet his wife, so I called my first call again. This time a college freshman drove me down to my car and waited until I’d signed all the papers, then gave me a ride home.

But it was that second trip that changed my perspective. On my windshield, somebody had left a note. It read:

“Not sure if you noticed but you have a flat on the passenger side. Didn’t want you to drive away not knowing. :-(Sorry crappy way to end the year.”

It was so sweet of them. I began to recognize all the people that had helped me out. It had turned out to be much less painful than I thought it’d be.

And so was 2013. Sure there were things that didn’t go well. Especially for people I love. But there were good things too. Often they were overwhelmed by the love and concern shown them just as I had experienced on a much smaller scale.

And when I looked back at the year and counted my blessings, my disappointments unnamedfaded away. I’m keeping the note, written in purple ink on half of an envelope as a reminder to me to be aware of those around me who may be having a tough day.

Also I may never again drive beyond the reach of my neighbors the car that doesn’t have road-side assistance, because I doubt I’m ever going to learn to change a tire.