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untitled (2)Not many children say, “When I grow up, I want to be a circus barker.”

Next to a skinned knee, there are few things writers enjoy more than publicly trying to get people to take notice of their book. Most of us are hermits by nature—a desk in a lonely part of the house, facing a wall, without clocks to remind us that hours have gone by in which we haven’t spoken a single word (and yet produced thousands).  richard-castle-book-signing

The fable of Rick Castle happens to very few.

Very few. (Seriously folks. Besides, the New York PD has quit returning my calls.)

I’d have a better chance at climbing Mt. Everest (or any hill these days) than writing a best-seller. Besides, I’m a novice. I’m still learning my craft. My insecurities are enormous! My desire to appear at a book signing—well, I’m working on it.

Don’t get me wrong—I am totally excited that Costco has approved my book! WAHOO!

But not so thrilled to sit at a table while strangers walk by and, rather than notice me, intensely examine the acne cream across the aisle.

But you can make a difference! If you are in the area, come by and ask questions about the book. This will help draw attention from strangers. And I would LOVE to see you! Plus you can enter a drawing to get your name in my next book! (Sorry, I don’t have a car to give away—another fable is that writers are wealthy.)castlewriter

All locations are Costco and all time slots are 1-4pm. (You could write these on a BIG note and stick it on your fridge with a heart magnet.)

Come one, Come All! Step Right up!

In January, my dates are:

Thursday, January 9th—Sandy

Friday, January 17th—Spanish Fork

Friday, January 24th—Spanish Fork

Wednesday, January 29th—Sandy