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Today I made brownies. They’re for DH to take to work—he is on the schedule. My work doesn’t have a schedule for people to bring treats each week. If they did, I wonder if DH’d make them? Not. He’d buy a bag of Oreos.

Anyway, he requested brownies because I have this amazingly scrumptious recipe that I obtained years ago. Actually, the brownie “mix” came as a Christmas gift in a jar tied with ribbons and hand-crafted instructions attached. They were fabulous so I begged the recipe. Don’t tell my mother because they have replaced my grandma’s recipe and that’s just rude. But when it comes to chocolate, my loyalties tend toward butter.

And, since I’m the generous type, and because it’s not really mine anyway, I’ve listed the recipe below.

But back to the beginning: today I made brownies. First I thought, wouldn’t mini brownies be just perfect? So I scooped small amounts of batter into the mini muffin tin and baked them. They spread and sank and stuck to the bottom. The result was this sad mash:brownie mash








Now there are several things we can do when life disappoints. 1. Become frustrated and pull sour faces, 2. Go Hang-gliding (seriously folks? Like who’d really do that at a time like this? Not that I would refuse if given the chance.) 3. Eat chocolate (or brownie failure, which despite its appearance, was delicious) and start over.

Besides, most of the people who will eat the brownies tomorrow are guys and “mini” was probably not a good choice to begin with.

Here’s the second batch.brownies




Now, after all those pictures, aren’t you glad I’m including the recipe?


Brownies in a Jar              (or not—most of the time this is my all-around go-to recipe, though I have given them as Christmas gifts in jars—passing on a good thing.)

2¼ C. sugar

2/3 C. unsweetened cocoa powder

½ C. chopped pecans or walnuts

1¼ C. flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

  1. Mix together flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.
  2. Layer ingredients in a 1 quart ‘wide mouth’ canning jar. Press each layer firmly in place before adding the flour mixture. Note: Be sure to wipe out the inside of the jar with a dry paper towel after adding the cocoa powder.
  3. Attach instructions to the jar:


1. Empty jar of brownie mix into a large mixing bowl. Use your hands to thoroughly blend mix.

2. Add ¾ C. butter or margarine melted.  Add 4 eggs, slightly beaten.

  1. Mix until completely blended.
  2. Spread batter into a sprayed 9 x 13 inch baking pan.
  3. Bake at 350° F. for 30 minutes. Cool completely in pan. Cut into 2 inch squares.

Makes 2 dozen brownies.