Web header pictureYeah! Finally, I have my new website up! (Though I will forever update and tweak it–it’s a given.) Check it out!

Also, I started a new blog. This one has two focusses: One, Hot Pursuit that is launching right now! You can find links from the book there, as well as FAQ’s and a glossary. Secondly, my blog covers everything else, including my work-in-progress.

The fun part about the Hot Pursuit Blog is there is a serialized story running. It features Luke, Kennady’s brother. He has some key scenes in Hot Pursuit, but in this story, he’s the leading character. Clever, good-looking, brilliant with all things computer, and skates the edge of what is legal. The story, about an art heist, is called Misdirect.

Don’t forget all the Cold Pursuit posts on this blog. Here’s the links from the book. Here’s a scene with Chelo.

And this post explains the concept behind Cold Pursuit and Hot Pursuit.