About Susan

Susan blogs about life in a small town, her writing, and other miscellaneous, terribly important subjects.

She is a teacher, a student, and a writer. Author of Redemption, (the story of Jonah), and her latest venture–a mystery romance–Cold Pursuit, Susan enjoys exploring trails with her husband, celebrations, and trying new recipes.
“I was raised second in a family of nine children on Idaho potatoes, night games in a cemetary, and family picnics at parks. I was known for reading books in the backyard willow tree and standing on my head (not at the same time).”

She now has two adult children who are expanding themselves into families, and one granddaughter, a precious girl whose middle name is Suzanna.

4 thoughts on “About Susan”

  1. Devi Deaver said:

    What a great writer you are, Susan! Any blogs about learning to drive or you catching Mono from my toddler?

    • Oh my goodness! I am so glad you found me! Sorry none of the above topics and I forgot that’s where I got Mono from! Too funny! (Can you tell I’m squealing?) I’m going to send you an email.

  2. Your header photo reminds me of home. it looks like the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon with the beautiful mountains and awe inspiring wind mills.

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