I’ve not been getting much done the last few days—including write a blog post for today—hence how late it is. I’ve had a visitor that I love giving attention to, though other things suffer, such as a regular work-out, a tidy house, and ironing. Nine shirts for my DH alone have accumulated since Monday. That’s more than one per day! What does he do? Change at lunch? I also need to gather supplies for some upcoming hikes, prepare a lesson for Sunday, and make a large batch of cookies (frosting tomorrow.) I fear that during my lesson I will lapse into “Barber, baby, bubbles and a bumble bee.” Either that or we can all form a circle and sing “put your left foot in. . .” That’ right, my visitor is less than three feet tall and communicates by pointing. The problem is my Sunday class is adult women. Oh well, most of them are mothers. They’ll get it. As for my visitor, I have found that she LOVES green drinks (spinache and fruit). Last time she went home, her daddy observed a certain, greenish diaper, and asked, “What do your folks feed her?!!” She also loves to spin on grandma’s lap when I’m in my desk chair. The faster the better, the more frantic the giggles! This girl takes after her mommy who has plunged from a tower strapped into a body swing at an amusement park. I don’t have a green tip for today, but for life in general: keep a camera on hand. Earlier, I couldn’t decide which barrette to put into her curly hair. So I put six different ones. I’m going to keep this short and go now; she just discovered that in one of my cupboards the lids with clear windows, when placed over a clear container, make interesting things to look through.